Speeding Tickets and Traffic Infractions

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Stidham Legal: Indiana speeding ticket and traffic ticket attorney

For as little at $99, we can resolve your ticket and usually save you significant insurance rate hikes.

Getting an Indiana speeding ticket often means just paying the ticket and moving on. Besides the ticket fine, you likely will face increased auto insurance costs and points on your license. You do not have to face excessive fines and fees, license suspensions or unnecessary points on your license alone.

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Stidham Legal handles all types of traffic violations (speeding, failure to stop, unsafe lane change, wrong lane, etc.), Failures to Appear and other traffic misdemeanors. Get started with Stidham Legal today so you can keep your driving record clean and your insurance rates low. If you are a commercial driver, Stidham Legal can help you if you have issues with your commercial driver’s license.

In Indiana, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) is the controlling governmental body regarding the issuing, suspending and revoking of vehicular operating licenses.  Indiana statute creates a point value system for certain various traffic infractions when judgement is entered in court. The accumulation of these points can have a drastic impact on both your license status and automobile insurance premiums and typically an even worse result to those holding commercial driver’s licenses (CDL).

Typical point values: Speeding: 1-15 MPH in excess of limit =  2 points; 16-25 MPH in excess of limit =  4 points; Over 25 MPH in excess of limit =  6 points; Failure to yield; obey stop or yield signs =  4 points; Disregarding traffic control signal =  4 points; Following too closely =  6 points; Failure to signal = 2 points; OVWI/DUI = 8 points

  • After accumulating 20 points, your license will be suspended for one month.
  • After 30 points, your license will be suspended for six months.
  • After 42 points, your license will be suspended for one year.