Feuding Parents and a Sick Child Means Lost Custody for Dad

A divorced father of a child with a major genetic disorder recently lost custody of his child after his ex-wife, and the child’s mother, was awarded sole custody as a result of the parties constant feuding over the child’s medical treatment.

The Indiana Court of Appeals affirmed the lower court’s ruling that custody be modified to provide mother sole custody because the mother and father were unable to agree on the child’s educational path and medical treatments for the child’s impulsivity issues. The parties were unable to agree on issues such as whether the child was ready to advance to the next grade, and what, if any, medications the child should take. Additionally, mom alleged dad would purposefully delay his responses to her so as to prevent mom from moving forward on time-sensitive issues.

The trial court found mom was best-suited to serve as the child’s “quarterback” regarding medical and educational issues and awarded her sole custody so that mom could make such decisions without dad’s input.

Indiana child custody and divorce law can present many tricky issues to navigate when raising children jointly after divorce. Constant disputes and feuding between parents can lead to a court awarding sole custody to one parent over the other.

If you are facing child custody issues following your divorce, you need an Indiana child custody and divorce attorney to guide you through these important issues and protect your parental rights.

The case referenced is Tanner Hecht v. Taylor Hecht, 19A-DC-1934.

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