Specialized Driving Privileges

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In Indiana, a Specialized Driving Privilege (formerly a Hardship License) allows individuals with a suspended driver’s license to receive special court approval to drive in specific situations. You may qualify for an SDP if you have one or more of the following on your record: habitual traffic violator (HTV), DUI, OWI, OVWI suspensions, insurance suspensions, court ordered suspensions, BMV suspensions, or unpaid traffic tickets.

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Stidham Legal provides you an experienced Indiana Specialized Driving Privileges attorney knowledgeable on traffic and statutory law regarding SDP and will help you navigate the onerous court process for issuance.

Stidham Legal understands that being without a valid driver’s license drastically affects your life and limits your ability to perform even the most basic tasks.  If you are faced with a license suspension for any reason, please contact Stidham Legal today, and we’ll help you with taking your next step to getting you back on the road.  We handle Indiana Specialized Driving Privileges cases across Northern Indiana. Most cases don’t involve an office visit and usually are done with one, quick court meeting.

Indiana’s Specialized Driving Privileges law grants Indiana courts the ability to grant a stay of license suspension, or specialized driving privileges to any individual that has had their license suspended. This applies to both court-ordered suspensions as well as suspensions that come directly from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (point violations). Regardless of the exact offense, if a person is deemed eligible, specialized driving privileges may be granted and could include the following.

  • Ignition interlock
  • Driving during certain hours
  • The ability to drive between specific locations.
  • To and From work
  • Pick up children from daycare
  • Take children to school
  • Drive for doctors appointments
  • Drive to court related events